January 28, 2011

Great Trick for increase website traffic

How to increase traffic on my blogger posts?
Increase traffic with change of title.
Choose the best title for your posts.
How to increase weblog traffics with simple and useful solution?

It's a great, simple and more useful and unique solution for SEO and I’ll guaranty the result it.
1- Go to Google Analytics
2- Go to Content
3- Go to Top Content
4- Chose a top content (or post) form Content combo box
5- Find out a new hot title for this post based of useful keyword which most visitors search about it.
6- Go to your weblog and change your title of that content (or post)
7- And take enjoy

Example (scenario):
1- I have a post from 2005/11 (link) and it's a very useful post for our visitors
2- The title of this post was "connect to the localhost"
3- I follow top solution and find out half of my visitors of this page, comes from Google with "connect to localhost" instead of "connect to the localhost"
4- I changed the title and increase traffic on this post.

1 comment:

FreeSofty said...

Great stuff.....

I like it...

just one addition.... create blog and enter your blog to some directory like

http://digg.com or


if you have not already done that. many people will be able to find your blogs.

keep posting.....