February 01, 2014

Installer UI Mode Error

Installer UI Mode Error
Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported

The installer cannot run in this UI mode. To specify the interface mode. Use the -i command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. The valid UI modes identifiers are GUI, Console, and Silent.

Right Click on EXE file and go to Properties > Compatibility and change the compatibility mode to Windows 7 or Older

1- Most of time you can find exe files in Temp Directory. For find Windows Temp Directory go to 
-Temp Directory: C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Temp
-Temp Directory: go to Run (WinKey + R) and type %temp% and press Enter

2- Checked the Run this program as an administrator in Compatibility window.


Anonymous said...

thx for your recommendation

it was not useful in my situation (with Win 8.1 Enterprise)
but I decided it: just have chosed launch with previous version of Win. (Win. 7) and it really works)


Anonymous said...

I appriciate your solution!!
Fianlly, I solve my problem.
Good Luck on your every work!!

Unknown said...

Thanks this is working.

Unknown said...

Can you please expand on the Temp folder step

what am I doing in the temp folder?

No setting in compatibility has worked for me

I am on Windows 8.1 installing Oracle AutoVue