May 30, 2005

Project Properties

Error: There was an error trying to load project properties window. Close the window and try again.
Object reference not to an instance of an object.

If you have this error and you can't load project properties and etc... Don’t worry! Because you have chance for continue your tasks without solving this error.
For example if you want to change your application's icon you must edit a XML base file in an editor (like notepad).
Go to your project directory and open [projectname].csproj (for example like WindowsApplication1.csproj) in notepad or any simple text editor.
You can see a part of a TEXT in XML format like below:

<Project DefaultTargets="Build" xmlns="">
<Configuration Condition="'$(Configuration)' == '' ">Debug</Configuration>
<Platform Condition="'$(Platform)' == '' ">AnyCPU</Platform>
You can see the <ApplicationIcon>app.ico</ApplicationIcon> that can solve your Application Icon problem without loading the project properties page.
This XML file is so simple and you can solve more other problems with a little search;-)
After that, you must load your solution and compile it again.
This method is for Visual Studio Project 2005 (Whidbey) but absolutely can used for VSP2002 and VSP2003 and VSP2005Beta2 and I think that can be also used for Orcas (next generation of Visual Studio)
The mentioned points are for C# project but absolutely not different for VB.Net, J# and other .Net projects.

May 13, 2005


If you want to release a new version of your "printer driver" or you are a "printer driver developer" there is the Microsoft newest technology. I'm so glad to tell you that "Metro Print Path" is a newest technology print path for document that is so closed to the Avalon graphics engine. Metro Print Path is a print path that will be put in the next client version of Microsoft® Windows® (Longhorn).
Metro uses the most of the newest technology such as XML, Unicode, ZIP and etc all together.
In a word METRO is An advanced print format such as Adobe PDF and more that.
The METRO enhancements the printer driver architecture and the New print paths from the application to the printer.
Among the benefits that the new architecture is expected to provide are:
• Improved performance
• Support for extended color spaces
• Improved fidelity (providing an efficient printing pipeline for handling advanced graphics such as transparency and smooth gradients)
• Integrated document security (incorporating support for digital signatures)
• Enhanced user experience
If you have questions about the Metro print path send e-mail to

PS1: Sample MetroDrv driver code is planned for Longhorn Beta 2.
PS2: A draft version of the Metro format specification is planned for publication early in 2Q2005.
PS3: The metro print path does not support Postscript pass through
PS4: Microsoft provide a framework for applications to access or share private printer settings.
PS5: Microsoft resolve the plotter form size limitation in the Metro print path.
PS6: Microsoft provide a reference implementation for a Metro raster image processor (RIP).

[doc] Metro_FAQ.doc:
[doc] Metro_support.doc:
[link] Windows Printing Architecture and Driver Support:
[link] Metro format specification:
[link] Metro FAQ page:
[link] Office Online File Converters and Viewers:
[link] WinHEC 2005 Conference Presentations and Papers:
[link] My favorite page about Windows Driver Foundation:

شاید به فارسی خیلی نشه چیز زیادی گفت جز اینکه وقتی شنیدم Adobe داره Macromedia رو می خره حس کردم که احتمالا باز یه خبری شده. آره باز این مایکروسافت افتاده به جون این شرکت ها و این بار داره پوزه PDF رو به خاک می ماله.
البته باید واستاد و دید چون جدیدا مایکروسافت مثل بیل خیلی پیر شده و سخت می تونه حال این و اون رو بگیره .. نمونش همین گوگول، iPod و چند تا چیز کوچولوی دیگه.
از صمیم قلب امیدوارم که این بار بیلی از صندوقش چیز معرکه تری بیرون بیاره نه مثل XP.