August 28, 2013

C# Inline Method

- What's the solution for inline method in C#
- C# inline method
- I there a WPF inline method solution
- How to make inline functions on .Net
- ... Inline function in c sharp ...

Add this Attribute above your method or functions like below

August 26, 2013

Debugging WPF Controls at Design Time

- How to debug Visual Studio 2012 instance design-time
- Debug at Design Time in WPF
- WPF Debugging Design-Time Exceptions
- How to debug in design time
- Debugging a control at design time in ...
- Test DesignerProperties.GetIsInDesignMode in Design mode
- I want stop code in code under GetIsInDesignMode ...

OK, Step with me with open eyes, It's so easy and fun
- Open another empty VS (we called NEW)
- In NEW visual studio go to Attach to Process...
- Find and select XDesProc.exe and click on Attach button
- Back to main VS and go to a xaml (UI) and do a somethings ;-)
when the somethings change you can find it in NEW visual studio.
It's so easy, yeap, Take enjoy :)