August 25, 2011

Windows Explorer has stopped working

- Windows Explorer has stopped working in windows 7
- Windows Explorer has stopped working in windows 7 starter
- Windows Explorer has stopped working in windows 7 64 bit
- Windows Explorer has stopped working fix
- When I try to open my personal folders and other WINDOWS related folders ...
- When copying files in Explorer, I started getting a "Windows Explorer has ...

This ERROR comes from a specific problem. Your problem could be from your computer hardware, software or etc... BTW, simplest and original solution is
- Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys for open Windows Task Manager
- Go to File > New Task (Run...) and Type "C:\" and press OK and then wait a little for open a windows explorer
- Go to Control Panel (from little arrow in left of title bar and select Control Panel or like)
- Go to Administrative Tools > View event logs (or Event Viewer)
- Go to Administrative Events and find the last and top error.
- Read the last error message. Your problem is there. If your problem is not solved you can copy & paste the last message in Google and find a solution.

- I had a problem with divxmfsource.dll and i fix it after install K-Lite Codec
- I had a problem with SnagIt Printer and i remove it and problem goes to hell ;-))

August 20, 2011

Edit a bundle in Google Reader

- How to edit a Bundle in Google Reader
- I can't find a EDIT link for a bundle in google reader
- Where's edit link for created bundles

A carzy developer put it in behind ;-)
1- Go to Google Reader
2- Go to Browse for stuff
3- Find the blue link with "View your bundles »" text and click on it
4- You can find the "Edit" link in here :-D

August 14, 2011

CSR Bluetooth Problem

- How to fix BlueSoleil USB Bluetooth® Dongle on Windows 7 ...
- I have a bluetooth device and it's not activated ...
- I can't turn on my CSR Bluetooth Device
- I am using Window 7 with CSR Bluetooth Device Dongle, guide me on how to connect

- Check the USER and you must be a administrator. (this command helps you on this >whoami)
- Disable Anti-Virus software
- Disable Anti-Spyware software
- Disable Firewall software
- Uninstall Any Soleil software
- Uninstall Sony Bluespace software
- Uninstall XTNDConnect Blue Manager software
- Uninstall Microsoft Patch Q323183 (on WINDOWS XP)
- Uninstall Any drivers that were supplied with your existing Bluetooth device.
- Uninstall Microsoft IntelliType and IntelliPoint software for Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboards
- Plug-Out the bluetooth device now.
- Check the Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Services\Bluetooth Support Service and start it
- Check the nxj.cache file and delete it (this command helps you on this >dir /a/s nxj.cache)
- Restart Windows
- Install Latest WIDCOMM Bluetooth Drivers or (
- Goto Safe Mode
- Install Widcomm_patcher_v2 for overwrite on these files (wbtapi.dll, BTNeighborhood.dll, BTStackServer.exe, BTTray.exe)
- Restart Windows
- Plug the bluetooth device now and enjoy

Instructions for using the patch:
1) Uninstall ALL your previous Widcomm Bluetooth drivers
2) Switch off your PC
3) Remove your Bluetooth dongle from PC
4) Start your PC
5) Install the new drivers
6) Restart your PC in safe mode
7) Run the patch
8) Restart your PC
9) Plug in your Bluetooth dongle
10) Now everything should work properly

August 10, 2011

DevExpress ASPxHttpHandlerModule and DXR.axd problem

- when i deploy then the report tool bar icons just show "missing image" and log shows 404 for a bunch of calls to DXR.axd ...
- DevExpress and Image not Loading ...
- i have recently added Devexpress Charts to my reports. and i get the following errror message
- after upgrade version from v9 to v10 or v11 the some images can't loaded from DXR.axd ...

This problem is usually comes from the missing
- DevExpress.Web.ASPxThemes.v10.1.dll
- DevExpress.Web.ASPxThemes.v11.1.dll
or any in your application's Bin folder.