March 31, 2009

Connecting Three Computers

- How to connect three computers without switch or hub?
- Is it possible to connect three computers without using switch or hub?
- How to connect 3pcs without hub?
- How To Network Multiple Computers Without a Hub ?
- I need to connect 3 computers in my office
- How can i connect 3 computers with NICs?

It is so simple. After Install NICs (Network Cards) on computers and connect together then you must make a bridge between Network Connections on central computer.

After Connect A to B and Connect A to C Right-click on the Network Connection Icons (on A) and select "Bridge Connections".

March 30, 2009

GOM Player & Unicode SRT

- GOM Player SRT Problem
- GOM Player unicode problem
- GOM Player .srt farsi player problem
- GOM Player .srt persian player problem

I have tried playing some movies with srt subtitles last night and the GOM Player has a little problem with some Unicode SRT subtitle e.g Persian/Farsi SRT file.

The problem with this comes when we want to use it on windows VISTA. If you have problem with Persian SRT on GOM player then you can use this solution:

1- Change your current default setting for non-unicode application. It's comes from Regional and Language Option.

2- Download and use of the Mirror SRT Application.
The code was developed last night just for solved my own problem. It's not a luxury software. Mirror SRT requires the .NET Framework 3.5 (or above).

Download Link: