December 20, 2011

Expand WPF TreeView

- How to expand all WPF TreeView nodes?
- Expand all nodes when a WPF TreeView is loaded
- Where is the default ExpandAll solution for WPF TreeView
- Expand all a WPF HierarchicalDataTemplate TreeView

Add below codes in XAML in TreeView tag.

          <Setter Property="TreeViewItem.IsExpanded" Value="True"/>

December 05, 2011

4.00 GB (2.99 GB usable)

- I am using Windows 7 with 4GB of RAM but system properties says 4GB RAM(2.99GB Usable) ...
- Installed 4GB RAM but the windows 7 says Usable 2.99GB RAM
- Windows 7 shows 4.096 GB(2.96 GB Usable) memory
- Why the Windows 7 memory (RAM) 4 GB (3.25 GB usable) ...

Clean Solution
You need to install Windows 7 - 64 bit

Technical Answer
A 32bit desktop windows 7 can just address 4GB of memory addresses.
This memory is include RAM + other hardware memory like Graphic Card,
Then if you have
4GB RAM + 1GB Graphic Card Memory = ~3.0 GB RAM available
4GB RAM + 512MB Graphic Card Memory = ~3.5 GB RAM available
and etc...

Physical Memory Limits: Windows 7
The following table specifies the limits on physical memory for Windows 7 [link]
VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
Windows 7 Ultimate
4 GB
192 GB
Windows 7 Enterprise
4 GB
192 GB
Windows 7 Professional
4 GB
192 GB
Windows 7 Home Premium
4 GB
16 GB
Windows 7 Home Basic
4 GB
8 GB
Windows 7 Starter
2 GB

December 01, 2011

Fix wrong character keyboard typing

How to fix wrong character display on notebook keyboard ...
Your keyboard wrong character typing in windows vista ...
How to fix wrong character display on U, I, O, J, K, L ...
How to fix numeral character instead of  normal character

Press NumLk (ScrLk) + PrtSc (SysRq) and enjoy