September 27, 2011

Windows Mobile - Change Caller ID Matching

- How can i change my phone number matching caller id ...
- Where can i find a setting for change matching algorithm for find contact of each called number
- Where's WINMO 6.x Setting for change caller id default setting for matching number and find contact

In first step you need to have a registry editor software and install it on your windows mobile like below
1- Download and Install Windows Mobile Registry Editor v0.9 [here] and then go to 
This value is number of last character from incoming call or SMS for matching process and finding in contact list. You can change it from 8 or 9 to your favor and reboot it and enjoy ;-)


September 17, 2011

WPF Application is not closed after shutdown

- WPF application is not closing correctly ...
- The users close application but the application is not closing.
- My application staying in background processes after closing.
- How to exit a WPF app correctly or programmatically?
- WPF (Avalon) application not closing correctly!
- The application not shuts down correctly!

Add Closed Event to main window like below:
    private void DXRibbonWindow_Closed(object sender, EventArgs e)


September 13, 2011

This system does not support fullscreen mode

- Full screen mode for DOS programs in Windows 7
- No full screen mode for DOS programs?
- This system does not support fullscreen mode. Error in windows 7.
- I am supposed to run an old DOS program on my Windows 7 OS But ...
- There is no FullScreen DOS in Windows 7
- Full-screen problem in CMD.EXE and COMMAND.EXE

Solution 1:
You can use of DOSBOX which is an open source DOS emulator.

Solution 2:
You can disable your Display Adapter from Device Manager.

Solution 3:
You can disable your Display Adapter with DEVCON command-line utility in batch file or likes.
DEVCON help: link
DEVCON download: link
DEVCON sample: link