August 30, 2007

stdafx.h #define in C#

If you came from Microsoft Visual C++ world to the C#, I think that you know that we have not stdafx.h in this world therefore ..
If you wanna add a general #define to your project then you must add your #define lines to all cs pages which this is the first thing cross your mind but bill puts another way for you ... ;-)

go to Build section of your project's properties and find the condition compilation symbols and fill it with your #define flags ...

I think that this can help you, too ...
Have fun ;-)

August 24, 2007

Manifest Problem

Error 1 general error c10100b1: Failed to load file "xyz.dll". The system cannot find the file specified. mt.exe

In our case problem come from difference path between Output File path and Manifest File Path.
We changed those and problems gonna ;-)
- Go to Visual Studio > Menu > Project > Properties and select Linker from tree-view in left
Linker > General > Output File: .\xyz.dll
Linker > Manifest File > Manifest File: .\xyz.intermediate.manifest

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