January 29, 2005

Microsoft .Net Security

Microsoft .Net Security Information
This application is running in a partially trusted context. Some functionalityin the application may be disabled due to security restrictions.

If you this error prompt on running an application, you can follow below

Administrative Tools>Microsoft .NET Framework X.X Wizards>Adjust .Net Security>Make changes to this computer>Internet and set it to Full Trust

اگر شما مشکل فوق رو دارید و نمی تونید یه برنامة دات نت رو تو شبکه راه بندازید باید یه سری به Adjust .Net Security از Framework Wizard بزنید.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks man .. u helped ..

btw I hope Iran remains free from American clutches .. gd luck to all u guys ..

Amastaneh said...

you make me glad.

Yuli Barnett said...

The .NET Framework user protection execution is called role-based protection. The value protection execution is called value access protection.