November 23, 2005

Could not find a property

Error: Could not find a property named 'IDUser' on the type specified by the DataObjectTypeName property in ObjectDataSource 'ObjectDataSource1'.

Look at the properties for the ObjectDataSource and remove everything from DataObjectTypeName property and just leave that property blank; it will be RUN.
I hope this works for your ASP.NET 2.0 project on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2.0.


Anonymous said...

Man you are awesome! I looked everywhere and all I could find was long descriptions of the problem over and over again. IT WORKS on .NET 2.0 release.

Amastaneh said...

What did you mean by those words?
If you where succeed in finding what you want, so go on, that’s cool
But if not … don’t be hesitate, paste your problem, I will be glad ;-)