February 18, 2006

Connect 98 to 2003

Error: \\ME_PC is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource
Problem: if you have above error message in windows ME (or 95/98) for connecting to Windows 2003 (or 2000/XP) then
Solution1: goto MyNetworkPlaces>Properties>Add NETBEUI
Solution2: goto Client for Microsoft Windows>Network Adapter Driver>NETBEUI>File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Windows

Error: IPC$ dialogbox error message
Error: you must supply a password to make this connectoin
Problem: If you have above error when you trying to access Windows 2003 (or 2000/XP) computer from a Windows ME (or 95/98) computer then
Solution1: You must create a UserName/Password for your Windows ME client in Windows 2003 from Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management> Local Users and Groups>Users and create a new user

Error: \\ME_PC is not accessible. Unknown error 31
Problem: Do you have a user in your Windows 2003 (or 2000/XP) with a blank password? ... YES, this come here ...
Solution1: set a password for your user (go to above solution if you know that whom user!)

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