January 11, 2011

How to install Android on Windows

- How to install Android on PC
- How to install Android on VMware
- Install Android in a Virtual Machine
- How to install Android on Windows 7
- Can i have both of Microsoft and Google OS with together

Yes, it's possible and so simple with android-x86.org project.  Follow the instructions, step-by-step and feel free to contact me for any other questions.

1- Download froyo-vm-20100812.iso from the following links.
2- Run VMware Workstation. (After install VMware on your machine)
3- Create a virtual machine.

4- Select the DVD Player or ISO file (i select the iso file directly).

5- Select 1GB for start (if you want to have more than this check the SCSI/IDE option because in this version android have problem with SCSI)

6- Choose the Customize button

7- Unchecked the 3D graphics option in Display Adapter

8- Follow the screen-shots and enjoy :-D


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


Will it be possible to install Android on a WIN7 tablet PC? Or the other way around?

I want to buy a HoneyComb tablet, but I also need WIN capabilities.


Amastaneh said...

@Mauricio: There are two different question ;-)

- Windows Tablet PCs are based on ARM processors and i think that android can run on ARM i think so ... please Google about it ...
- But if did you want to have a Google HoneyComb tablet, OK, you can select your device name and search it on Google for install Windows 7 starter or Windows 8 on it, but i think that it's not possible in most cases.

akms said...

can we install android apps and use it in this android-in-windows??

Amastaneh said...

@Abdul Khaliq:
Absolutely YES