February 14, 2011

Print Anywhere With Google Cloud Print

With Google Cloud Print you can connect your local printers to Google and go any where and connect to internet and send a print tasks to your printers from Google. It's not magic and it's so simple.
You can go to Google Chrome options and connect your home printer(s) to Google Chrome (with Google Cloud Print Service) and then if you go to any where, and send a print task from Google Applications on PC, Mobile. Google Application Website or anywhere, Google find your Google Chrome in home and send the print tasks to your home printers.

1- You can see my printers

2- Open your Google Chrome and Select Options

3- Find out Google Cloud Print in Under the Hood and select Sign-In button

4- Add you Google account (or gmail account ...) and give a success message. (i love Print a Test Page and if you love it, test it and enjoy it :-D)

5- By the way you can find Manage Print Settings... button in Google Cloud Print in Chrome Options... and go to Google Cloud Print Management and surprise.
PS: It's a first try of big G about Chrome OS and Internet Base OS and i think that Net-OS will be available and popular before 2020 if the world don't stop after 2012-21-DEC :-))

[1] Google Blog: http://googleappsupdates.blogspot.com/2011/01/print-from-your-phone-with-gmail-for.html
[2] Google Cloud Print Help Support: http://www.google.com/support/cloudprint/?hl=en


Script blend said...

Is it a designing software ?? Or just a plug in???

Jennifer Banks said...

print management really helped out my business when we were struggling with managing our print needs. I recently found a great company that helped our work load.