April 24, 2011

ActionScript3.0 problem with TLF text

- All method which are related to string not at working after first object convert from Classic Text to TLF Text
- dispatchEvent not working with TLF text
- all movies not load after convert Text to TLF

The solution is really simple and worked
- Sleect FLA file from Project (or load it)
- Select File > Publish Settings... from top menu of press Ctrl + Shift + F12
- Select Flash Tab

- Press on Settings... botton in front of Script section
- Select Library path Tab from new opened dialoge
- Find Default Linkage combo box
- Change the value to Merge into code

- Press OK
- Press Publish and OK
- Enjoy :D

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Anonymous said...


I was pulling my hair trying to figure out whats wrong with my costume event. Even the loaded movie did not play.

Cheers mate!