June 01, 2011

WPF SelectedValue for TreeView

- How to programmatically select an Item in a WPF TreeView
- How to programmatically selecting an Item in a WPF TreeView
- How to SelectedItem in a WPF TreeView
- How to set SelectedItem or SelectedValue in C#/WPF TreeView
- WPF TreeView SelectedItem should have set accessor …
- How to programmatically change the SelectedItem in a WPF TreeView

The Solution is simple and quick with just a little method
TreeViewItem matchItam = SelectTreeViewItem(this.treeView1.Items, "sample value");

The code is here
private TreeViewItem SelectTreeViewItem(ItemCollection Collection, String Value)
    if (Collection == null) return null;
    foreach(TreeViewItem Item in Collection)
        /// Find in current
        if (Item.Header.Equals(Value))
            Item.IsSelected = true;
            return Item;

        /// Find in Childs
        if (Item.Items != null)
            TreeViewItem childItem = this.SelectTreeViewItem(Item.Items, Value);
            if (childItem != null)
                Item.IsExpanded = true;
                return childItem;
    return null;


Anonymous said...

i dnt know how to wrk wid WPF treeview..

m trying to work on...wen user clicks any any item den how to show it on msgbox from root to parent den to child...

Anonymous said...

thnk u for ur consideration....

help me..

Amastaneh said...

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