September 13, 2011

This system does not support fullscreen mode

- Full screen mode for DOS programs in Windows 7
- No full screen mode for DOS programs?
- This system does not support fullscreen mode. Error in windows 7.
- I am supposed to run an old DOS program on my Windows 7 OS But ...
- There is no FullScreen DOS in Windows 7
- Full-screen problem in CMD.EXE and COMMAND.EXE

Solution 1:
You can use of DOSBOX which is an open source DOS emulator.

Solution 2:
You can disable your Display Adapter from Device Manager.

Solution 3:
You can disable your Display Adapter with DEVCON command-line utility in batch file or likes.
DEVCON help: link
DEVCON download: link
DEVCON sample: link


Anonymous said...

Windows has not had DOS in it since 95/98/ME, though CMD.EXE was not only built to emulate behavior of COMMAND.COM (and more) but also to provide limited compatibility with DOS software... DOS functionality has not been improved since XP, though it did somewhat better than Win2k with DOS programs. The real solution is to use DosBox, that way the applications wont malfunction (my experience is that tools which use less or no code depending on direct hardware access are most last and usually games and stuff like audio software are first to fail on CMD.EXE).

However if you have a program that already works fine on CMD then there is no reason to install DosBox for that... If you know that your going to need more DOS programs in future then it might be easiest to prepare and start using DosBox for those needs already.

Amastaneh said...

Thanks for comment but the DOSBOX is not all, DOSBOX have little problem with dos resident applications like Print2File or Persian Printer Converters.
DOSBOX is a DOS Emulator for games and that's not fully supported of networking and printing and DOS office applications. In this situations you need to have a FreeDOS, DR. DOS or MS-DOS yet.