February 28, 2012

Print DOS Application With Windows Printer

- How can i print with laser and inkjet printers with MS-DOS Application
- How to print with old DOS programs

Solution A
The DOSPRN can help you ;-)
Site: www.dosprn.com
FAQ: www.dosprn.com/faq.htm

Solution B
Download the PRN2FILE and run it in DOS mode. This resident DOS application converts the print task to PRN file.
You can use of below command for save print task in 1.PRN.
Command: prn2file.com C:\1.PRN
For start automatically in each start command in windows you can append the above command in end of %windir%\system32\autoexec.nt file.
Site: cejvik.xf.cz/prilohy/dos_usb_print_prn/
Link ver1.0: cejvik.xf.cz/prilohy/dos_usb_print_prn/prn2file.zip
Link ver1.0: http://www.4shared.com/rar/j2SARDvj/20120228-prn2file.html
Link ver1.1 (+modification):  ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/printer/prn2fil3.zip
Link ver1.1 (+modification):  http://www.4shared.com/zip/r9vT8VwT/20120303-prn2file11.html

Usage (v1.0): PRN2FILE [path][filename][/Pn][/Bnn][/F][/A][/U]
Run PRN2FILE with the desired filename to activate it.
Run it with a different filename to change destination file.
/P to designate the printer number (defaults to 1)
/B to enter buffer size in K bytes (defaults to 4)
/F to print just to file and not to printer (default is both) [in v1.1 only]
/A to append to file (default is to create new file) [in v1.1 only]
/U to uninstall the program

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