November 01, 2010

Enable or Disable Change Wallpaper

If did you want to have frozen your windows desktop background wallpaper or change it with a custom picture of your girlfriend’s windows or something like … or you want heal your virus problems and you want to enable the change background picture settings in windows display properties, welcome. The below solution is for you :-D

- I cannot change the background wallpaper in Windows XP or Windows 7!
- After removed viruses or spywares on my Windows XP or Windows 7 it has been impossible to change Background Wallpaper in Display Properties!
- How can i lock windows background wallpaper?
- How can i prevent change desktop background wallpaper?
- What's a solution for restrict change of background?
- My desktop wallpaper has virus or spyware message and can't remove it!
- I can’t change my wallpaper, how do i solve this problem?

The below reg file is a freeze background solution with a custom picture which is in C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img1.jpg path. Download LOCK.REG or LOCK.EXE for freezing and also, you can solve your problems or UNLOCK this blocking with download and run UNLOCK.REG or UNLOCK.EXE.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] 

- LOCK.REG [download]
- LOCK.EXE [download]
- UNLOCK.REG [download]
- UNLOCK.EXE [download]

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Anonymous said...

Finally, after searching for hours, the solution to change the desktop background in windows 7, I worked UNLOCK.reg file. Thank you.