March 29, 2011

How to add a custom NS record to a domain/subdomain in

- How to add a custom NS to DNSDIY
- How to add a custom NS to
- Adding Custom NS at
- Adding Custom NS at OnlineNIC domain

DNS Records:
We have many different type of DNS records and most of these record types are not commonly used. By the way you need to know a little about these
- NS: is name server which specifies a name server for the domain.
- CNAME: Sets an alias for a host name. Like "docs >> CNAME >> >> 0 >> 3600" in here means: forward to custom google document server in behind scene.
- A: Maps a host name to an IP address
- MX: is Mail eXchanger.
- TXT: it's strictly informational.

- Login to in here or any domain control panel
- Find a custom DNS Records Zone (its first page which comes after login)
- Add a new record with
type: NS
priority: 0
ttl: 3600
- Click update and wait for minutes for works ;-)
DNS-DIY Zone Edit

If you'd like to check the status of your DNS records for web publishing, you can perform a free nslookup. Here's how:
- Google NS lookup [link].
- Select a search result from top of list.
- Type your domain address in to the field.
- Click Submit, or Lookup.

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