March 05, 2011

Microsoft Ajax Minifier and Manual Batch File

You can used of the Microsoft Ajax Minifier into your Visual Studio 2010 without change your project files or follow of strange roadmap (link). With simple batch file you can minified all JS and CSS files and move the new minified files in minified folder. With this simple trick you can Route the CSS and JS files to minified path.
Yes, It's so simple and a tricky solution for easy going people. The hardest part of this solution is the Batch file for minified all JS and CSS files with AjaxMin.exe as Microsoft Ajax Minifier and automatic move and replace in minified folder.
@echo off
md minified
for %%J in (*.js *.css) do @AjaxMin.exe -clobber:true "%%J" -o "minified\%%J"

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