February 20, 2014

How to stop browserLink

- What's this browserLink in my ASP .Net Project
- What's arterySignalR?
- What's negotiate?requestUrl
- What's arterySignalR/negotiate
- What's arterySignalR/connect?transport=webSockets
- How to stop http://localhost:12661/5d47e5508b77496e916102d7e148ebad/arterySignalR/negotiate?requestUrl=http
- How to stop ws://localhost:12661/5d47e5508b77496e916102d7e148ebad/arterySignalR/connect?transport=webSockets

It is a relationship between your Visual Studio and your web browser. This will allow to VS data exchange with browser and vise-verse. for stop this just go to Browser Link Icon in toolbar and unchecked Enable Browser Link like below image.

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