February 04, 2014

SugarCRM Installation Problem

- Cant get past License Acceptance Page ...
- Next is not working in License Acceptance Page
- yahoo is not defined - license acceptance failed
- Can't get past the License acceptance screen
- Problem with installation on step License Acceptance
- Can't get passed License Acceptance
- Install stuck at License Acceptance
- Error occurs when clicking "next" on the license-agreement screen

- Go to .../include/javascript/yui/build/container
- Replace container.js to container-min.js (remove min file and copy original file with a new name)
The problem solve :-)

My Road-map:
Yes, it's simple like as a charm. if you want to know about how to trick to find out this solution follow these steps
- Open page in Chrome and use of Inspect Element > Source
- Find out where's the problem
- Find out what's file name
- After that i think that it's could be solve after change it with original source (not minified) or replace with a new one.
Yes, after change the min file with uncompressed file the problem goes ;-)

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